Apr 29

Our new game, “Bridge Construction Kit” is released on Google Play Store and Archos AppsLib !

Test your engineering skill and design beautiful bridges & towers!

This game is a brilliant example of the bridge-building games family, with bars, cables, hydraulics jacks, train, boats, ….

What are you waiting for ? Go and try it today, IT’S FREE !

Apr 21

Our next game, “Bridge Construction Kit”, will soon hit the shelf of Google Play !

Design and test your bridges in this addictive game, test them in a pretty 3D environment with trains, boats, wind,…

With special features like cables and hydraulic jacks never seen in any other bridge-building game on Android and a smooth editor UI, this will soon become your favorite casual game!

… Stay tuned !

Mar 19
Sep 18

After a long wait, SteamBall is now available with all the community options implemented: level editor, level upload/download, rating system.

Have fun!

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Jul 22

We are very proud to announce the release of SteamBall on the Android Market.

This first revision includes the following features:

  • 20 levels included
  • tutorial
  • online leaderboards for each level
  • … and a lot of fun built-in :-)

In a future revision, a lot of “community options” will be added:

  • An ingame editor to create and play your own levels!
  • The ability to upload these levels and share them with the world
  • The ability to download levels made by other players, with a rating system
  • A dedicated leaderboard for each community level

We are glad to announce a dscounted launch price of 0,99€, for a limited time. This offer will last until the future update with the “community options” is out.

Future updates will be gratis for early adopters, so don’t take too much time to try SteamBall !

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Nov 21

Compass3D is a very simple application, just a compass using the device accelerometer to stay horizontal.

Download it on Android Market, it’s free!

Nov 21

Welcome to the ZerracSoft website.

In the next months you’ll find here informations & news about our mobile development projects.

See you soon on www.zerracsoft.com !

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